Q: Can you use Organic Clean products during pregnancy?

A: Yes, however with all cleaning products please adhere to the warnings on the label

Q: How is “organic” defined?

A: Organic can be defined as formulations that are free from harmful chemicals, no GMO ingredients and use certified organic ingredients. At current the Australian Organic Cosmetic and Food Standard will not cover cleaning products. However, Organic Clean has been accredited under the Allowed input standard for Organic is Australia. This means each product has been certified with Australian Certified Organic (ACO) as a certified allowed input and able to be used in certified organic: food establishments, farms, production facilities.

Organic Clean products are registered under the approved registration program under ACO standards. Our ACO processor number is 111690

Q: What ingredients are allowed in organic formulations?

A: Only naturally derived ingredients. These may be either from certified organic farms or natural ingredients which are approved to be used in organic formulations.

Q: Is it safe for septic tanks?

A: Yes. Our products do not contain bleach or chlorine, which would harm the beneficial bacteria system and our natural environment.

Q: What surfaces can I use All purpose Cleaner on?

A: The All Purpose Cleaner is perfect for all hard surfaces. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, nurseries, outdoors and walls.

Q: Can I place a wholesale order?

A: Yes you can! Click Contact Us or email us to find out if you qualify for a wholesale account.

Q: Because your product does not use chemicals to cut through grease, do I need to use more?

A: No. Unlike traditional cleaners, you are buying the concentrate – the product goes directly from our  mixing tank into your container – it is not pre-diluted. As a result, just a small amount really goes a long way. For any stubborn built up grease we recommend just leaving the cleaning liquid on the dirty patch for 30 seconds before wiping.

Q: Are Organic Clean products safe to use around children and animals?

A: Yes being naturally derived they are safe to use, however always consult the warning labels on all products for use and use only as directed

Q: What should I use to clean my windows & mirrors?

A: Our Bathroom Cleaner has been formulated to help cut through window grime whether in the shower or grubby hand prints on the lounge room windows.

Q: Can I refill my bottles instead of buying a new bottle each time? 

A: Yes. We have a range of products which are offered in 5Lt Jerry Cans. These do save you money per mL of each formula. Please click here to see our Bulk sized range.

Q: Why does Organic Clean show the ingredients on their packaging and website?

A: It is not compulsory for cleaning products in Australia to label their formulas with any ingredient list. At Organic Clean we found it important to be completely authentic and transparent in the products we have created. So consumers can know what they are purchasing. We believe there is many cleaning products which state that they are natural but do not display the ingredients greenwashing consumers into purchasing a range which may have little to no natural ingredients. We think the industry should change and all cleaning products should display what is on the inside on the outside label.

Q: Do Organic Clean products contain harmful odours or fragrance?

A: No all Organic Products contain only natural ingredients and essential oils for smell. No Bleach smells and no perfume.

Q: What makes Organic Clean products different to other products?

A: Organic Clean products have been formulated and tested over many years to reach the shelves. Our focus of our testing and research was trying to harness the power of plants to replace mainstream cleaning ingredients. The hard part was to achieve the same results if not better than synthetic competitor  brands, we believe we have achieved this using the best that nature offers with pure plant oils and extracts.

Q: Are Organic Clean products produced in Australia

A: Yes all products are manufactured in our certified organic manufacturing plant near Byron Bay.

Q: Are the products sustainable

A: Yes most ingredients are from renewable resources. We have refillable range of products which means you can save the environment by reducing the amount of bottles purchased. The manufacturing facility is also solar powered, the facility is run using the energy from the sun between the hours of 10.00 am and 4 pm each day.